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Precision water activity and moisture content

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Rapid moisture sorption isotherms

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Research-tested predictive modeling

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Moisture issues are plugging your pipeline. From discovery to FDA approval, every second counts. Daily delays add up to wasted months that won’t benefit your bottom line – or patients in need.

Powered by today’s tech

Leave the sluggish beige boxes in the 90s – METER instruments are built for the pace of today's labs. Modern computing power and custom firmware bring you quicker readings and more in-depth moisture analysis.

Powerful processors

Machine learning

Regular updates

Research precision

Streamline the entire pipeline

We’ve learned a few things while collaborating with the world’s top pharmaceutical companies. Our expertise can help you trim time and ease research anywhere there’s moisture (and that’s almost everywhere).

Measure the unmeasurable — with ease

Make the measurement nobody else can. The AQUALAB TDL’s unique sensor makes direct water activity measurements on highly volatile samples.

Move aside, desiccators and DVS. The VSA’s DDI method produces isotherms detailed enough to pinpoint critical transition points that older methods can’t even hint at.


See moisture through a different lens. Our measurement methods may not be what you’re used to – and that’s a good thing. From isotherm analysis to titration replacements, new perspectives have the potential to spark new breakthroughs.

One measurement speaks volumes

Truly understanding water’s effects on a product isn’t as simple as knowing how much water there is. RH (water activity) measurements – our specialty – give insight into microbial growth, API degradation, product stability, dissolution rates and more.


Pharma companies have unique needs. We understand. Installation, calibration, validation, regulation – we’ll support you in every stage. Our experts are here to help for as long as needed.

Less time training, more time working

Collecting data shouldn’t be limited to those with PhDs. Easy-to-use instruments mean others can contribute with little risk of user error, bad data or false starts – and scientists can spend their brainpower on the data, not the instrument.

AROYA cultivation management base station

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You don’t have to figure out how a new instrument fits into your workflow alone. We’re eager to hear your goals and discuss how we can help. Submit this form to talk to an expert.

Masters of moisture.

From cleansing irradiated Fukushima rice paddies to contributing to the discovery of moisture on Mars, we've solved complex problems in a long list of industries. More about METER →

Wireless AROYA substrate soil moisture sensor with solar panel attached