Moisture Analysis Toolkit: One-stop moisture modeling.

Turn data into solutions with research-tested predictive models.


Nearly every moisture calculation in the book, automated. MAT began as our internal scientist’s cheat sheet. Now we’ve developed it into a full-featured, research-tested software program.

AQUALAB 3 moisture analyzer with tablet

You have the data. Now you need the equations.

Water activity and isotherm data is key to setting water activity specifications, predicting shelf life, evaluating packaging and plenty more. But when it comes time to actually do the calculations, it can take hours of digging through reference books and papers to find the right equations – but not anymore.

All the answers in one place.

Imagine a software program that puts all the moisture calculations in one place. A program that lets you simply type in your data and get answers – quickly. One that lets you do the things you’ve always wanted to do with your data haven’t had the time or energy. You’ve found it: The Moisture Analysis Toolkit.

AQUALAB 3 moisture analyzer from the top with a sample cup and coffee beans for testing

Just press enter. Select the right model, input your equations, and let the toolkit do the modeling.

AQUALAB 3 moisture analyzer with tablet

The toolkit is a one-stop shop for moisture calculations. It lets you calculate product shelf life, evaluate packaging, determine critical water activity for caking, clumping, and texture changes, and predict end results like whether moisture migration, the final water activity of a recipe, or the effect of storage conditions.

Where will your data take you?

The MAT shows you how to turn your data into solutions using research-tested predictive models. It includes all the models you need, in one organized and easy-to-use program. The world’s top pharma and food companies use the MAT to:

AQUALAB 3 moisture analyzer with tablet

Still assembling your datasets?

We can help with that. The Aqualab TDL 2 makes measuring water activity quick and easy – precision measurements in one minute or less, even on highly volatile samples. The VSA creates highly detailed moisture sorption isotherms to help you visualize exactly how moisture will affect any given material.


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